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General Terms of Transaction

Last updated on November 30th, 2017


Welcome to our online store akk-concepts.com that offers the products of the limited liability company under the name "AKK COMMERCE LTD" and the distinctive title "AKK COMMERCE LTD", with registered address V. Hugo 14 Street, Thessaloniki, VAT 997998189, DOY FAE OF THESSALONIKI, tel. 2316 009901, contact person: Tsantili Katerina.

The display, presentation, selling, transfering - storing, shipping and return of the products shown on our site as well as the protection of your personal data and the security of your transactions are governed by these terms of use which we invite you to read before browsing and making your purchases at akk-concepts.com. Browsing akk-concepts.com and making any transaction or communicating with our company means that you, the customer, unconditionally accept these terms of use. In case you disagree or have a reservation about part or all of these terms, you may send your relevant e-mail to sales@akk-concepts.com before browsing further or completing a transaction. Otherwise the acceptance of all terms by you is unconditional.

Our company reserves the right to modify, renew or update any time and without prior notice to the user / customer / visitor / member of akk-concepts.com : (a) part or all of these terms of use; (b) part or all of the content of akk-concepts.com; and (c) part or all of the interface, structure, or configuration of akk-concepts.com and its technical specifications. Our Company reserves the right to cancel, suspend or terminate the operation of akk-concepts.com unjustifiably and without prior notice to the user / customer / visitor / member of akk-concepts.com. The user / customer / visitor / member of akk-concepts.com fully recognizes and accepts all of the above by browsing and / or using the services of akk-concepts.com


The online store akk-concepts.com displays, presents and promotes its products. The Company reserves the right to freely choose the products it presents on akk-concepts.com and to modify, renew and / or withdraw them at any time and without prior notice. The same applies to its pricing policy, any offers and sales that it may choose to freely make and modify, renew and / or withdraw them any time and without prior notice and / or keeping due dates.


Akk-concepts.com is an online store that cooperates with a variety of suppliers, manufacturers (foreign and domestic) to bring you a wide range of products at the best possible prices. Although we take every possible measure to be accurate on our products' availability as shown at akk-concepts.com, there is a possibility that a product displayed may not be available or may not be available within the delivery time mentioned, for reasons that do not fall within our sphere of influence. For this reason and in order to fully inform you and protect you from unforeseen circumstances, the orders are completed as follows:

(a) HOW TO SHOP - Browse our online store, choose the product/s that you prefer and place them in your shopping cart.

   (i) Use the WOMAN, COLLECTION and ACCESSORIES links to help you find what you are looking for.

   (ii) Once you have found an item you wish to purchase, select colour and size and click on the ADD TO CART button underneath each item.

   (iii) Review the items in your cart by clicking on the VIEW CART button at the pop up that appears on your screen or at the CART link at the top of the page. You can use the REMOVE ITEM link to delete items from your shopping bag.

   (iv) Click on PROCEED TO PURCHASE to complete your order.

(b) SENDING AN ORDER REQUEST – Following the 'steps' that are indicated to you, you will need to send your order request to our company. In order to better serve you and facilitate your future purchases, on your first order you may want to register as a user of akk-concepts.com by filling in all your personal information requested on the registration form. After completing your purchases, you will need to fill in all the details of your order request that appear on the order form or you can just login to your account for the part of your personal details. All the personal information sent to our company fall under the strict Privacy Policy maintained by our Company and are collected and processed with complete security and diligence and only upon your explicit consent provided with the above form. Whenever you submit an order request to our company you must first accept the present terms of use as set out in Article 1 above. You are also responsible for the correctness and legality of your forensic data.

When sending your order an automated message will show up at your screen as a confirmation that you have succesfully completed your purchases and an email with the details of the order request that our company will receive will also be sent to the email address you have provided us. The products included on your order are then subject to an availability check. When we receive your order request we have not yet started processing it.

(c) PROCESSING AN ORDER REQUEST - If your order request is sent to us between 9.00am to 12.00am on a working day (Monday to Friday) you will receive a prompt message at your email address that we received your order and it is at the stage of processing by our company. Otherwise you will receive this message within the next business day. While processing your request, the availability of all products included in it is being checked.

   (i) In case the products included in your request are all available within the delivery time stated on our online store then you will receive a message to your e-mail address or / and at your mobile number that will confirm your order and include all the shipping details. The shipment of the products will then take place based on the delivery schedule of the courier company that cooperates with us.

   (ii) In case one or more of the products you requested is not available or / and a product/s will be available after the delivery time stated on our online store, then our Company will contact you either by sending a message to your e-mail address and / or to your mobile phone, or one of our representatives will contact you through phone (or in all of the above ways) in order to arrange for you to make any modifications, corrections or cancellation of your order. If we cannot reach you within 10 days of your order request it will be canceled automatically and you will have to send us a new request. In any case, any new order (modified or not) will be sent to you again through a new email and / or your mobile phone, and this will be the confirmation of your order under which we will be processing and completing it. The shipment of the products will then take place based on the delivery schedule of the courier company that cooperates with us.

(d) Our Company may contact you via e-mail and / or message on the mobile phone that you have provided us during your registration throughout the whole process, until the order reaches you, for any matter related to the processing, execution and / or shipping of your order and / or payment and / or return of the products or anything else. The parties agree that such communication (by e-mail and / or message to your mobile phone-sms) also covers all the legal requirements for your written update, notification, confirmation of your order where and when the law so requires. If you wish to object or need further clarification on the content of a message you have received by us, as stated above, or for any other reason you may contact us either by sending an email or by calling us on 0030 2316 009901.


In order to serve you in the best possible way our company has a variety of payment methods, as described below, that are associated among other things to the processing time of your order request and / or the time needed for the goods to be delivered to you. After you decide which payment process suits you, you select the certain payment method at the required field on your order form and enter your personal details if needed. The collection and processing of your payment details fall under the strict privacy policy kept by our company and all details are treated with complete security and diligence and only with your written consent when sending the order request. Especially for credit card payments, all the necessary security measures that ensure maximum protection on your online transactions and secure your payments are taken in co-operation with the collaborative financial institutions.

In particular, the payment methods are the following :






All content of akk-concepts.com (beside third-party assets, eg copyrights of third parties, affiliates, agencies, etc.), ie indicatively but not limited, texts, photographs, designs, commercial and financial data, programs, all kinds of files, trademarks / logos, the layout of the online store etc are the intellectual property of the company and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek and European laws and the applicable international treaty provisions regarding copyrighting. Under no circumstances should their appearance and display on akk-concepts.com be construed as a permission to redistributing them and / or authorizing others and / or giving the right to use them. Based on the above, it is expressly forbidden to totally or partially copy, distribute, transfer, process, store, reproduce, republish, modify or take any other related action on the foregoing without the prior written consent of the company. Otherwise, the above actions may constitute an infringement of the intellectual / industrial property rights of the Company which reserves the right to claim any positive and consequential damages incurred to it, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation.


(a) Correct registration of personal information

All personal information and contact details you provide to akk-concepts.com are extremely important for the implementation of your online transaction because they are the only way our company can communicate with you, so you must be assured that the information you have given us is completely correct and up-to-date (in case of any changes you are obliged to inform us accordingly). Our company takes every possible measure to receive your correct information and for this reason you are requested to recheck this information before submitting your order and then send it to us with your explicit consent to use them.

Therefore, our company bears no responsibility in case that any of its contractual or statutory obligations are not properly and / or timely fulfilled due to incorrect or outdated personal data provided by you. In particular, any notification sent on the email address and / or the mobile phone you have provided us (eg for product unavailability etc.) will be considered valid even if it is not delivered to you due to an error in your details and / or due to a technical or other damage to your server, and / or to your telephone device and / or to your telecommunication provider, and / or due to a change in your details (if you have not informed us in time). The same applies to the billing and shipping address of the products as well as to the fixed telephone numbers. In any case you are required to update your information whenever a change occurs.

(b) Registered users

In order to serve you in the best possible way and facilitate your future purchases, you should register as users of akk-concepts.com (log in or sing up) when you first submit an order request to our company. The information you fill in at the specific form at akk-concepts.com remain in our company's system. Therefore, when you submit an order request for the first time, you are required to create a user profile by using your own unique username and password. In this way you create your own unique page - a registered user page – where you have all your purchase history, you can track at which stage your new order request is or the stage of your shipment etc. When signing up as a registered user the company installs a session cookie system which you accept the use of solely for identifying you and your transactions, in order to create your personal history as a customer. The session cookies are solely purposed to help you manage your profile and transactions so you do not have to provide your details from the beginning every time you visit our store and are deleted as soon as you log out.

(c) Written consent

By filling in and submitting the relevant form (either on the registration form or on the order form) with your personal information you provide to us at the same time your written consent to use the information contained therein for the purposes described in these terms under this privacy policy.

(d) Privacy policy

The issue of protecting your personal data is a very serious issue for our company that is treated as a top priority.

Your personal data is collected by our company solely in the context of transactions with akk-concepts.com and our communication with you for completing your orders, invoicing, facilitating deliveries and serving your requests.